9900 LBS machinery trailer

9900 LBS machinery trailer


Welcome to Phastt

We manufacture equipment trailers in various sizes 1000 LBS to 24000 LBS

We make them one at a time to order

Give me a call if you need a special application be it for single ATV/side by side, maybe a single ATV on the bottom with a rack over head to haul you row boat

Just a frame to make your own Tiny house, we can supply you with a Transport Canada certified trailer to start your tiny house dream

A short but strong version for your 2 TON excavator

A low bed car hauler

Mobile enclosed office ( wood working and cabinets made on site to your specifications)

We are equipped to repair you trailer if need be, aluminum, steel and stainless welding, wiring repair/update

You can reach me Martin Paré at 613 662 0096 during normal Eastern Canada business hours or at martin@phastt.ca